If an organization is only as good as its people, then the organization can only enable its people to do their best work if it has the right resources and systems. Technology, globalization, demographics, social values, and the changing personal expectations of workforce participants across generations have had an effusive impact on the talent landscape, disrupting business models and radically changing who, where, when, and how work is done.

Prime 8 uses our Workforce Innovation framework to develop and enable your talent, providing the processes, systems, and resources to connect and remain productive.




Employee enablement & engagement

We are reinventing productivity and enabling a data-driven culture to improve performance outcomes.

With our Employee Performance model, we help organizations move employees beyond the stage of just being engaged with the company goals and their interest in the brand. Instead, provide the guidance and then enable employees to continue to learn, develop, and get the necessary training to continue providing quality results.

If your employees are not enabled, they cannot be expected to perform at a superior level because they have not been provided the right tools, training material, resources, or even have the necessary skills.





high performing direct sales teams

It’s simple. If your sales team is not motivated and empowered to produce superior results, they won’t.

How do you create a culture that encourages and rewards the best performance? Many sales executives struggle to find a balance between healthy competition and a cutthroat, negative atmosphere. Using our 7 principles of Performance to emphasize, implement, and monitor as part of your sales management strategy. We’ll help you create insightful story-driven sales content and develop innovative tools to keep your field and partners sales team focused on what matters most – selling!





build profitable channels & sales optimization

Channel sales teams are at their best when they are focused on selling.

Prime 8’s Channel and Sales Optimization Services provide an exceptionally rich set of bundled solutions that combine expert people, proven processes, high-impact training and certification (including train-the-trainer programs), and are supported by Prime 8’s frameworks, methodologies, and tools. Our specific offerings to support joint business planning and collaborative selling include:

  • Channel Segmentation

  • Depth Partner Selling

  • Scale Programs

  • Performance Curriculum





develop partner alliances & ecosystems

Solve problems. Capture opportunities. Envision possibilities.

Prime 8 offers comprehensive consulting services specializing in strategic alliances, channel partnerships, collaborative innovation networks, and other business collaborations. with an emphasis not only on developing strategies and new partnerships, with a focus on supporting successful implementation and ongoing operations. Our programmatic offerings include: 

  • Alliance Strategy and Portfolio Development

  • Operations and Program Management Office

  • Communications

  • Launch GTM


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