Technology is playing an increasing role in everything we – and our customers – do, shaping growth, disrupting industry landscapes and providing the catalyst for transformation. Both the challenge and opportunity for business leaders is to harness the disruptive force of technology to be more agile, fuel efficiency, and ultimately, shape their destiny.





experience design

Technology is useful only when people’s needs are well-served. With 40% of consumers turning to a competitor’s website after a bad experience, the value of design and your users’ needs cannot be ignored.

Prime 8 delivers strategy-driven, creatively approached, customer-obsessed, and outcome-focused solutions. We connect businesses with their audiences and users through every step in our human-centered design approach. We blend Design Thinking, Product & Service Design, and Creative Services to create cohesive experiences that meet your customers where they are.





data & insights management

Data.  Every company has it, but many struggle to unlock the value it represents. 85% of companies are trying to be data driven, but only 37% believe they are successful. If you desire to inform company strategy through insights or wish to monetize your data, Prime 8 will get you there.

Prime 8 can help design, assess, grow, display and govern the data that should form your strategy, and operate your business. Data driven decision-making is as much a cultural shift as it is a technical exercise. We operate at all levels to help organizations form strategic data plans, deploy data change management, and deliver eye-popping insights dashboards.





cloud & smart devices

By mid-2019, 80% of all IT budgets will be committed to cloud solutions, and for good reason. The nexus of Cloud, AI, and Smart Devices are driving a revolution in business value, innovation, new products and consumer experiences.  Prime 8 is leading the way with cloud strategy, innovation and product development.

Prime 8 delivers business agility and scalability through the use of a hybrid, multi-cloud approach that utilizes best-of-breed cloud-based services (PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS), container, and microservice strategy.  Previously, this level of business capability was only possible through large CAPEX commitments, time, and risk. Whether your developing your first cloud strategy, test-driving cloud services, or innovating an IoT service in the cloud, Our Cloud Center of Excellence works with small and large-scale cloud design and deployment for product and operations, and innovates with services on a daily basis. We are a partner with AWS, Azure and IBM.





custom solutions development

If you have a unique customer experience in mind or are developing a new product or service. The tools available today afford unprecedented speed and agility for your custom application.

The Prime 8 team is fluent with both tried and true .NET and JAVA, as well as cutting edge JavaScript based, serverless and stateless code application development. We can help you decide if a custom application is the right choice. Whether you build vs buy, our leading-edge software architecture and application design innovation aligns technology solutions to business value while lowering operational management and administrative overhead.


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