Prime 8 Consulting Partners with Titans FC as Sponsor

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Prime 8 Consulting, headquartered in Bellevue Washington, is pleased to announce our partnership with Titans FC as a major sponsor for the next two years. As part of the agreement, we are pleased to have the Prime 8 Consulting logo prominently placed on Titans FC match day jerseys for the Bellevue, Medina, Somerset, Eastside and Bothell club teams.

Nicolette Sharp, President, added “We are honored to partner with such an incredible organization that emphasizes teamwork and commitment within our community. We strongly support and believe in the positive long-lasting impact that Titans FC has on children’s lives, both on and off the field.” 

About Titans FC - Titans FC is a youth soccer organization that brings its program to the families of Central Bellevue, Medina, Somerset, Eastside, Bothell and Puyallup. Titans FC builds youth soccer clubs in locations that have a need and demand for quality youth soccer coaching. In each location, Titans FC provide boys and girls teams, additional training programs and professional coaching with the focus on kids enjoying the game of soccer and developing important life skills. Titans FC’s mission is to promote the personal development of each player and help them reach their full potential, both on and off the field with a focus on dedication, discipline, and teamwork, while nurturing a passion for the game of soccer. The Titans FC vision is to influence positive change in the youth soccer landscape throughout the State of Washington, by removing financial, political, and social constraints that are the barriers to the development of players. 

About Prime 8 Consulting - Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, Prime 8 Consulting is privately-held and managed by co-founders Drew and Nicolette Sharp. Prime 8 Consulting professionals go the extra mile to solve business challenges and create winning solutions that are considered the best in the business by leveraging their deep industry experience and a tested approach for driving measurable results. Prime 8 offers a variety of services to a diverse portfolio of companies. The core of Prime 8’s success is the relationship between the employees, customers, and end-users, because to be truly successful, all parts need to work as a team. Prime 8’s goal is to listen, learn and deliver mind-blowing solutions that make our clients shine. Prime 8 Consulting believes that people are their greatest asset. They hire smart, collaborative, and energetic professionals who contribute to the fun and inclusive culture of the company and the broader community.

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