Working for the Greater Good


Prime 8’s Jennifer Post, is a talented Senior Consultant working with the Microsoft CELA Philanthropies group.

Upon discovering an early love for travel with a Rotary Exchange to Sweden at the age of 16, this adventurous native of the Pacific Northwest, enamored with her European experience, moved back to Sweden once more after completing a year of college in the US,  and studied for a further 4 years at globally the recognized Linköping University. After earning her degree, she returned to the PNW and started her career in Tech.

Jennifer’s successful career has allowed her to develop her deep expertise via a number of different paths, which included working as a test engineer on Microsoft Word, a period spent working in user education, an increased focus on content management and web management, and later on to the broader channel of marketing and all that encompasses.

Jennifer’s current role, sees her dedicated to making world-class Cloud technology accessible and affordable for all.

 Jennifer, believes that when it comes to thinking about customer experience, we all find our passion and choose what we’ll fight for professionally. 

We sat down with Jennifer to discuss a typical day in her field, her favorite part about working with philanthropy and find out who inspires her.


Describe a day in the life of a Consultant.

Every day is a bit different. My role is always a nice mix of working on creative marketing projects sometimes by myself and other times collaborating with colleagues. I focus on Go To Market work and I work with internal staff at Microsoft and also with other external agencies. I work on a global team and enjoy working with colleagues in Redmond, Seattle, Fargo, New York, Buenos Aires, and India.


Tell us about the Microsoft philanthropy work your role sees you involved in.

I work on the Social Good Marketing team under Public Affairs in Microsoft Philanthropies. My focus is GTM marketing for the Tech for Social Impact (TSI) team. Microsoft  launched Tech for Social Impact in the fall of 2017. It’s a sustainable social model where profits are reinvested into expanding support for nonprofits. The TSI team is dedicated to making world-class Cloud technology accessible and affordable, so that nonprofits can drive even greater impact.


What is your favorite part about working in Microsoft philanthropy? What is the most challenging?

My favorite part is the team I work with and helping nonprofits use technology to do more good. Most challenging part of the role is that it is a new group, so we are always spinning up new processes. It’s exciting but sometimes challenging to get everything done as quickly as needed.


What advice do you have for young professional women?

Always take the opportunity to take on new projects to keep learning new things. Challenge yourself and don’t stagnate in your role.


What is your favorite part about living in the Pacific Northwest?

I love the mountains and the water.


Who inspires you? Why?

My parents. They always find the time to volunteer and work in their community.



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