Team Highlights: Ichad Irsyad

Prime 8 would like to introduce you to the fabulous Ichad Irsyad. Ichad was kind enough to share a little about himself and his time at Prime 8.


Ichad irsad.jpg

How long have you been with Prime 8?  3 years

Why did you join Prime 8?  I liked the people I was going to work with and the type of works/technologies that I would do

What is your role at Prime 8?  Write code, solution design and architecture

How has Prime 8 helped you in your career development?  There are many cool/latest technologies which I learn here for my career development

What advice do you have for prospective Prime 8 candidates?  This is a small team, you have to do many things yourself, but you’ll learn a lot and the company is very good place to work

What are 3 words to describe Prime 8?  Forward-thinking, sophisticated, caring

What do you like most about Prime 8?  The stuff I’m doing and the people

Do you have a favorite quote or motto?  “Keep learning, we are the driver of our destiny”

What is your favorite travel spot?  Caribbean beaches

What books are at your bedside?  Mostly IT books, BusinessWeek magazines and Nat Geo magazines

Where is your favorite place to eat?  Sushi, Subway

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us?  I have a diving certification and have dived in few Caribbean islands. I have a big cat, Maine Coon, very gentle and adorable. Other than that I’m an animal and nature lover and regular contributors to several animal and nature organizations