Prime 8 Honored 5th Year in a Row


In a Gala Awards ceremony held at the Washington State Convention Center last night, Prime 8 Consulting was honored to be recognized for the 5th consecutive yearas one of the  “100 Best Companies to Work For” by Seattle Business Magazine. Founded in 2006 and employing more than 150 people, Bellevue-based Prime 8 Consulting develops and executes innovative business and technology strategies to help companies succeed, with clients ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations across a diversity of industries. This is the 5th year in a row that Prime 8 has won recognition from Seattle Business, including a second place ranking in 2014.

“We are honored that Prime 8 is so consistently acknowledged as an awesome place to work. By sticking to our core values and walking the talk on being a family-based company that treats our employees like we’d expect to be treated, we’re winning every day,” said Drew Sharp, Chairman of Prime 8 Consulting.

Making the 100 Best Companies list is very hard to do and continuing to be a Best Company to Work For year over year is an especially rare achievement. Prime 8 is one of only 13 companies to be selected 5 or more years in a row.

“The recognition from the Seattle Business rankings validates the workplace environment we’ve built – one that is not only good for employees in their daily work and as they make choices on where to build a career, but one that translates into outstanding service and outcomes for our clients,” said Nicolette Sharp, President of Prime 8 Consulting.

The coveted Seattle Business rankings annually spotlights local companies setting the standard for leadership, benefits, work environment, training programs, continued investment in their people, and a commitment to creating a positive work environment. The magazine formulates its rankings by soliciting input from employees via an extensive and confidential online survey with ratings divided into three categories – large companies, midsize companies and small companies.

Setting Prime 8 apart is its emphasis on how work is done rather than simply what it does for a client. This includes creation of truly strategic solutions through an innovative approach featuring deep and thorough assessment, hands on engagement, and development of forward looking strategies.

At the core of Prime 8’s success is the relationship between employees, customers, and end-users, because to be truly successful, all parts need to understand and work together to be happy and fulfilled. Prime 8’s goal is to listen, learn and deliver mind-blowing solutions that make our clients shine.

Prime 8 believes that people are their greatest asset. They hire hire smart, collaborative, and energetic professionals who contribute to the fun and inclusive culture of the company and the broader community.

“Our holistic approach to our work and steadfast adherence to our values make us what we are, and it’s why our clients return again and again,” said Chairman, Drew Sharp.

About Prime 8 Consulting

Established in 2006 with its headquarters in Bellevue, WA, privately held Prime 8 Consulting employs more than 150 people and is managed by co-founders Drew and Nicolette Sharp. Prime 8 consulting professionals go the extra mile to solve business challenges and create winning solutions that are considered the best in the business by leveraging their deep industry experience and a tested approach for driving measurable results. Prime 8 serves a diverse set of companies ranging from small business to large multinationals in the software, online retail, aviation, online travel, healthcare, and other sectors.


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