Strategic Healthcare Innovation Lab

Photo_Mike Semick.jpg

Michael Semick

Chief Technology Officer

Client's Business Goal:

To address business risks and impacts due to brittle programs, stagnate processes and cultural adversity to change, while finding new opportunities to connect with consumers in meaningful ways.

  • The Business is unable to respond to Customer demand for modernizations.
  • Internal IT is overwhelmed with current projects and is unable to handle rapid business change.
  • No sustainable program existed for rapid application development and prototyping, and testing of new approaches and ideas.


Prime 8's Solution:

  • Create an Innovation Program Charter, with lean processes.
  • Implement Agile processes and methodologies
  • Develop the companies first cloud infrastructure
  • Implement rapid prototype processes and infrastructure
  • Develop a technology innovation process to inform and inspire the business


The Business Impact:

  • Rapid assimilation of new technology.
  • Ongoing risk reduction through Sustainable Innovation Program.
  • Ability to lead innovation opportunities with peers.
  • Increased the ability to execute though reducing the burden of inertia and entrenched adversity to change.
  • Lab instantiation in Cloud and on-premise to handle the different technical and security scenarios.
  • Meet state and federal regulatory requirements including HIPPA.
  • Capability to securely and rapidly expose services for mobile and web applications.
  • Simplify complex benefits information for customers.
  • Increase secure DevOps awareness and adoption.