Alexa for Healthcare

Photo_Mike Semick.jpg

Michael Semick

Chief Technology Officer

Client's Business Goal:

Improve customer satisfaction and lower call center volume by extending information and services through self help conversational channels. Customers prefer to consume information and services on their terms, at the time of their choosing.

  • Provide visionary consumer research and Voice User Experience design to create the first healthcare insurance Alexa skill in prototype.
  • The Business was unable to respond to Customer demand for modernization.
  • Internal IT is overwhelmed with current projects and is unable to handle rapid business change.
  • No sustainable program for rapid application development and prototyping, and testing of new approaches and ideas.


Prime 8's Solution:

Partner with leading healthcare insurance provider to develop a conversational solution using Amazon’s Alexa framework. Prime 8 developed complex conversational patterns that create a simplified customer experience, providing useful, specific information to customers at their time of need.


The Business Impact:

  • Rapid assimilation of new technology.
  • Ongoing risk reduction through Sustainable Innovation Program.
  • Ability to lead innovation opportunities with peer organizations.
  • Created intuitive and guided VUX.
  • Developed analytics to guide adaptations and improvements to content and scenario development.
  • Meet HIPPA and complex security requirements for authenticated scenarios (pending Alexa service HIPAA compliance).
  • Capability to securely and rapidly deploy content changes.
  • Manage intents and custom terms library.