Legal Search

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Michael Semick

Chief Technology Officer

Client's Business Goal:

When the Business does legal discovery and research, and when the Legal Department needs to search case file data they have to span across several discrete systems, many of which have their different security access methodologies and controls. During the discovery process for legal action, this often required hundreds of temporary staff to traverse these systems to collect and correlated the data which lead in inconclusive and poor stakeholder confidence in the results.

This was #4 in corporate CEO’s “TOP 10 BIG ISSUES” – must resolves.


Prime 8's Solution:

Instantiate a single interface to create business data connectivity [BDC] models that index each disparate while adhering to the security context of each system and mapping the contexts to the corporate identity system (Microsoft Active Directory).

Aggregate search results and data retrievals to a single centralized view. 


The Business Impact:

  • OPEX reduction:
    • Elimination of need of 300+ temporary staff) to do legal search and discovery.
    • Elimination of per system licensing (~$50K-$100k yearly per system) for alternative COTS solutions.
  • Centralized and auditable legal search and discovery.
  • Increased stakeholder confidence in legal search results and contents.
  • Centralized role based search capability – users’ security context trims data results based on users’ access rights.
  • Common (centrally managed) corporate User ID and credentials used for all data inquiries (no discrete per system security).
  • Common framework disconnected systems (non-integrated systems).
  • Recipe based configuration for new system integration to solution.
  • Single-button solution deploy and roll-back.