Patient Experience AI Platform

Photo_Mike Semick.jpg

Michael Semick

Chief Technology Officer

Client's Business Goal:

Increase Patient satisfaction by understanding how people feel about their healthcare journey, and enable Case Specialists to quickly understand, track, respond and address patient problems and issues.

This healthcare provider organization had no real-time capability for the collection, categorization and analytics of patient feedback. Case Specialists had to rely on surveys results which took several weeks for them to receive, with no analytics to see problems and issues. This resulting loss of context and immediacy lead to poor customer experiences and a lack of accountability within the organization's culture.


Prime 8's Solution:

Create a multi-modal feedback ingestion system including kiosk, social media, point of service surveys (e.g., iPad, website) for patients to give feedback, which is analyzed and categorized for topic and sentiment in real-time using purpose built healthcare specific AI. Results are provided through dashboards and reports to relevant Case Specialists and Stakeholders.


The Business Impact:

  • Deployed a standardized KIOSK system for Patient sentiment. 
  • Created a SaaS platform for patient intelligence and insights
  • Case Specialists are armed with real-time relevant information to achieve their goals.
  • Stakeholders can get a quick pulse of Medical Center Operations and act swiftly on issues.
  • Medical Centers can compare results by locations, departments, etc. and against nationals standards.
  • Empowers Case Specialists to take quick action.
  • Patients can be directly and timely notified of remediation raising their satisfaction.
  • Centralized reporting and dashboard with multi-stakeholder views.