Conversational AI

Photo_Mike Semick.jpg

Michael Semick

Chief Technology Officer

Client's Business Goal:

Improve customer satisfaction and lower call centre volume by extending information and services through self help conversational channels. Customers prefer to consume information and services on their terms, at the time of their choosing.

  • Customers don’t understand the complex healthcare insurance products.
  • The Business is unable to rapidly respond to Customer demands for modernization.
  • Healthcare benefit and policy information is not available in consumer friendly modes or simple language
  • Internal IT is overwhelmed with current projects and is unable to handle rapid business change.
  • Lacking a sustainable program for rapid application development and prototyping, and testing of new approaches and ideas


Prime 8's Solution:

Partner with a global technology company and large healthcare insurance organization to develop a conversational solution and ChatBot service. Prime 8 not only developed complex conversational patterns, that create a simplified customer experience, providing useful, specific information to customers at the time of need, but also the underlying healthcare specific version of the ChatBot service.


The Business Impact:

  • Any time access to benefit and plan information through multiple conversational modes
  • Reduced customer support call center volume (10%)
  • Lab instantiation in Cloud and on-premise to handle the different technical and security scenarios.
  • Met federal and state regulatory requirements including HIPPA.
  • Capability to securely and rapidly expose services for mobile applications (KPI).