Employee Global Adoption Campaigns

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Angus Hawes

Learning & Development 

Client's Business Goal:

A multinational technology company wanted to create a campaign with the goal of “creating the learning conditions where shared perspectives was now an expectation.”


Prime 8's Solution:

Prime 8 supported the global adoption campaign to improve the experience for employees while giving and receiving feedback as a part of the manager-employee rhythm of business. Combining experience-based design and brain-based science, Prime 8 developed a set of curricula and experiences for this client’s world-wide managers and employees as they moved through the different stages of the campaign and curricula.

Prime 8 developed and launched a suite of courses and physical collateral that are now being leveraged by more than 60,000 managers and 130,000 employees as they work to improve the process for giving and receiving feedback. These courses are now being offered through eLearning platforms, in-person training, and as grab and go tools such as Meetings-in-a-box, videos, webinars, etc. Prime 8 provided curricular and instructional design along with creative and web services.


The Business Impact:

  • Partnership and strategy for key human resources campaign with a reach of 100K+ employees.
  • Development of experiential, brain-based curricula that can be leveraged via mobile, web, or in-person.
  • Positive and innovative impact on the employee-manager relationship and experience.