Retail-based Consumer Workshops

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Angus Hawes

Learning & Development 

Client's Business Goal:

A global technology company desired to develop workshops for their customer base to be delivered in the retail store environment. Our client recognized a market gap in consumer awareness, engagement and product knowledge, and determined that substantial value could be added to the in-store experience by providing programming to support enhanced understanding of new products and deeper engagement with the brand.


Prime 8's Solution:

Prime 8 produced fresh, informative marketing content within a learning and development framework. Our instructional designers partnered with marketing experts and client product subject matter experts to develop workshop curricula targeted to the needs and interests of consumers across the client’s diverse customer base.


The Business Impact:

Prime 8 now develops, implements, and evaluates the impact of our purpose-built workshops deployed throughout over 100 retail stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia and is the sole provider of programming and events content for our client. After winning the contract in FY16, we have developed long-term relationships with product and marketing groups across departments and have partnered with client SMEs to support all key product launches and to continue to drive consumer understanding of and engagement with core product and service offerings. Workshop programming is customized for four consumer verticals—recent highlights include cybersecurity courses for small and midsized business owners, workshops to support educators seeking to deploy more digital technologies in the classroom, and hands-on LinkedIn tutorials for general consumers. We also continue to create specialized content for the flagship stores in New York City and Sydney, Australia. In order to drive a more compelling in-store experience, Prime 8 has also pioneered the development of innovative seasonal youth camps to educate and engage young people ages 6 and up in a way closely aligned to our client’s mission. Popular, high-profile examples include camps focused on coding, robotics, 3D modeling, entrepreneurship, digital art, and mixed reality filmmaking. Prime 8 programming has received widespread endorsement from client leadership, SMEs, and store staff, and continues to achieve its objectives of driving in-store traffic via workshop attendance, enhancing product sales through engaging programming timed to support product launches, and fostering deeper relationships between the retail stores and their surrounding communities.