Role Enablement and Onboarding

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Angus Hawes

Learning & Development 

Client's Business Goal:

While enabling digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud, a major global technology company faced the challenge of enabling a global field- based workforce to drive product awareness amongst their partners and customers and achieve sales performance excellence. The company’s “cloud computing platform & services” communities needed to develop and monitor n onboarding and readiness solution to address the competency and learning gap created by the hiring of new Product Marketing Managers globally – a role with no standard entry point competency nor clear picture of what success in role looks like. This gap was an ideal opportunity for Prime 8 to quickly assess and resolve a complex problem by addressing the client’s varied needs including:

  • No standardized training
  • No centralized means of training
  • Variances in performance across the subs
  • Reliance on tribal and outdated content
  • No ability to implement, nor scale a learning solution


Prime 8's Solution:

Prime 8 came in and through a structured Job Task Analysis and Training Needs process, quickly identified the gaps and implemented the solution – a high experience, portal-based landing page with associated eLearning modules that encompassed self-paced progress interleaved with appropriate touchpoints. Accordingly, we were able to quickly design, develop and deploy an onboarding training and project management solution to achieve global readiness. With insightful instructional design, and an asynchronous approach to building immersive learning objects, the eLearning specialists were able to enable competency and sustain product marketing management in the field. The solution tenants were:

  • Increase adoption and standardize performance
  • Drive role excellence and share learnings
  • Make the content impactful, simple, discoverable, bite-sized and engaging
  • Build a sense of community and peer to peer channels
  • Ensure an ability to scale and pivot with changing business needs
  • Ensure ongoing agility to handle ongoing updates
  • Make it measurable and objective
  • Create a one stop shop and center of Learning excellence for the role.
  • Connecting of filed resources


The Business Impact:

  • Launching of 22 onboarding learning paths for new Product Marketing Managers across nine business groups.
  • 90% Adoption in the field
  • An associated elimination of all training centered business travel
  • A scalable change management solution and commitment to implement updates within 24 hours.
  • Return rate close to 100% for the purposes of ongoing readiness.