End-to-End Solution to Role-based Training

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Angus Hawes

Learning & Development 

Client's Business Goal:

When restructuring their “last mile” operations to more effectively deliver products to customers, a major e-commerce firm faced the challenge of a gap between employee knowledge and process efficiency created by organizational change, growth in customer demand, and a rapid increase in the number of Delivery Service Providers (DSP) throughout the United States.

The company’s logistics operation needed a consistent and scalable solution to help them uniformly implement and monitor readiness training, ensure employees are adept at managing higher volumes of business with more DSPs, and that DSPs perform services up to the company’s high standards and expectations.


Prime 8's Solution:

To address this complex problem, Prime 8 pulled together a team with expertise in onboarding, training, project management, logistics, and modern eLearning technology.

Working closely with the client, the Prime 8 team took an inventory of existing operations, capabilities and processes to identify clear areas of need. From there, the team recommended a seamless training program with a clear emphasis on people, processes, tools, and training. This continuum of activities featured opportunity identification and program management, insightful instructional design and content creation, delivery of foundational in-person training, and the development of an asynchronous eLearning component for updated and scalable training going forward – all with the common goal of consistent employee readiness and sustained operational excellence by DSPs in the field.

These activities included:

  • Launched a Project Management Office (PMO) with a team dedicated to identifying internal and delivery partner locations around the US where help was needed, prioritizing and tracking all logistics and content creation; then planning and executing readiness training and launch activities.
  • Provided technical writers to create process-based documentation and support for training, as well as a core set of materials for the initiative – including field and DSP training resources.
  • Provided CPLT ATD-certified facilitators who deployed throughout the United States to deliver in-person training and ensure associate readiness.
  • Deployed SharePoint architects to develop a world-class, permission-based content management system to host training materials and ensure their timeliness and consistency.
  • Developed and launched an eLearning component of the program to extend, sustain and scale it over time. This included provision of instructional designers and eLearning specialists to meet all learning, technical, operational logistics to ensure a high-quality onboarding and training experience.
  • Provided a Learning &Development Project Manager to implement changes, tools, process adherence, and instructional design reform; and develop, track and report upon operational metrics.


The business Impact:

Over a 15-month period, Prime 8 approach resulted in:

  • 10,000 third party DSPs on boarded and trained.
  • Incremental and constant improvement of quality of process-based training.
  • Greater retention of DSPs.
  • 100% success rate in all SOP based training US wide.
  • 80% conversion of all in-person training content to online training – improving scalability, sustainability of competence and self-sufficiency of learning.
  • 62% increase in operations call compliance.
  • 30% reduction in operations delivery errors.
  • 45% increase in DSP First Time Delivery Success.
  • 37% decrease in package concession rate.