Rising Star: Andrea Gitchell


Andrea, who has been with Prime 8 for almost 11 months is a highly motivated and passionate professional Consultant and Project Manager! With 17 years of experience at Microsoft, Andrea relishes every challenge that comes her way. Outside of work, Andrea is all about family, music, movies and enjoying her life to the fullest! You might find Andrea at a concert, or at the track watching her boyfriend Todd drag race his 66 Pontiac Le Mans, or as a change of pace traveling somewhere to snorkel. Andrea loves to cook and hang out with Todd and his 11-year-old son, two dogs and their Maine Coon cat …who thinks she is a dog!

We chatted with Andrea about the keys to success in her role.

Can you describe for us a day in the life of a Consultant Project Manager?

As a Consultant Project manager, there really is no “typical day” I can describe for you. One day you may be working on your core project(s) completing tasks or attending meetings with your stakeholders and resources or you could be pulled in to a completely new project to advise or assist. The next day you may be assigned an Adhoc report or presentation or end up in an event planning session. Consulting keeps you on your toes which keeps things interesting and challenging.

What is your favorite part about your job at Prime 8? 

They trust me to deliver my best work to our client. I never feel micromanaged or questioned on the decisions I make in the best interest of our client’s needs. It’s refreshing!


What are three of the most important skills for your job and how did you develop them?

First and foremost, remaining agile. Over the last 17 years in the corporate world, I can’t think of any position I’ve held where I haven’t had to stop what I was doing and hop on something URGENT immediately.  When you get used to “trial by fire” you develop this skill quickly.

The ability to learn quickly is another important skill due to ever-changing technology, community, and business needs. I developed this skill by being constantly challenged to create or analyze something utilizing a tool I had no experience with. I think this is a skill that is innate however I enjoy pushing myself to learn new things.  

Communication skills are definitely important. The global organization I am working with includes operations, sales resources, etc. where open and constant communication, via numerous channels, is necessary to ensure everyone is kept up to date on any changes, updates, etc. Working as a consultant across several different organizations has been beneficial in polishing this skill because each group is unique dependent on who you are working with and where they are located.

What are three characteristics that make a great consultant?

§  Agility

§  Amiable 

§  Resourceful

If you could perfect any skill, what would it be?

I’ve been focusing on learning more about design work for presentations, marketing, etc. I’ve never been overly artistic, but it is an ability I’ve always envied in others.

What is your favorite restaurant in the Seattle area?

Wild Ginger

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