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Creating a brand that clearly communicates your values to your target audience while driving revenue is essential for marketing efforts to thrive. This is now more important than ever before.

Customer engagement begins with visibility. You need a thorough understanding of who your customer is. This is enabled by the ability to collect data representing a 360-view of him or her, then analyze it and turn it into intelligence and predictive power that can be acted against to constantly deliver personalization at scale…wherever, however, whenever the customer prefers.

By building a connection between your customers and your brand through engagement, insights, and telling stories, you are not only able to retain engagement but also form a valuable experience and long-lasting relationship with your consumers.



digital marketing & engagement

Whether using a chat bot-guided experience or data-driven interaction, digitally mature businesses are using technology to find and engage customers, increase loyalty, and drive new revenue streams.

Buying behavior has fundamentally changed as customers are now taking the exploration stage of their purchasing journey online. They research, self-educate, and assess options before, during, and after the sale. No longer are marketing organizations executing outbound campaigns and handing leads to sales organizations. The marketing team now engages and nurtures prospects for most of the buying cycle – doing so requires new tools, processes, and beliefs. Prime 8 can equip your business to excel at marketing and selling in the digital era.





influencer marketing

Celebrities aren’t the only influential audience for your business. Learn how to scale your conversation through others.

Influencer marketing and sponsored content are not new concepts,  However, the modern digital incarnation of these approaches — accelerated by the rise of online publishing and social networks — has become an integral part of the brand marketer’s toolkit in the past decade. Influencers themselves represent a unique trichotomy of content, influence, and strategy. Some brands just want to piggyback on their influence with a more “pump-and-dump” strategy to increase sales. Some want to acquire content, and the rare, yet savvy, brand will look to influencers/creators for their creative opinion. Prime 8’s marketing team helps identify the right influencers specific to your business and target market, using technology to listen, learn, act, and measure.





marketing communications & content

With content of all types across multiple sites, social channels, and publishers, how do you know what’s really making an impact?

While striving for efficiency, many product marketers tend to lose in their effectiveness. Traditional methods in marketing will not sustain the present culture. Because of competition and inventive methods always being formed, creative content for marketing purposes must consider many factors in our every-changing digital society in order to achieve authenticity and success. The ability to connect and build content that reaches people is a mission that requires knowing the customers, focusing on tangible outcomes, adopting new methods, and producing relatable stories through the brand.





audience segmentation & Research

As you determine your specific product or service, it is essential to identify your target audience, discover market trends, and strategize how to set yourself apart from competition.

We do a competitive analysis evaluation, identify market segmentation and sizing, and pinpoint the target audience. We determine who the competitors are in the market and evaluate their strategies in relation to your specific product or service. Researching and identifying existing and potential customers and what they want is essential to staying relevant and in sync with your market. In addition, the ability to clearly define a target audience is key to success for identifying market trends, meeting consumer needs, and long-term success for your business.


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