Driving digital transformation does not imply replacing old business assets and capabilities. With our Business Planning  & Operations solutions, Prime 8 helps company give new life to components of an older business, effectively reconstructing business and operating models on top of digital foundations.




Business Design & Leadership

Our organization design, executive coaching, change leadership, and team performance engagements are customized to help you as a leader with your specific business and team goals.

Being a leader today is more complex and challenging than ever before. We help leaders innovate, adapt, and take action in uncertain and continuously changing markets. Our consultants help clients design organizations to reduce costs, drive growth, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term organizational health. We partner with leaders to create structures and roles that help people engage, collaborate, and innovate in the modern workplace. Our one-on-one executive coaching engagements are customized to help you as a leader with your specific development needs.  Activate your team’s performance by bringing together individuals and their unique contributions.





Financial management & reporting

Our expert team helps companies establish a tailored financial management and planning rhythms aligned with your specific business rhythm.

We work with our clients to effectively establish an aspirational yet achievable revenue and operating plan along with ongoing measurement of results critical to their success.  In addition, we apply our finance and budget capabilities to support our clients by providing strong business insight and analysis, and operational excellence, across programs and initiatives.





Business & Program governance (PMO)

Underpinning all our projects is a solid governance framework used to manage projects, programs and outsourced services.

Effective design and management of roles and responsibilities, schedules, budgets, risks and issues, and communications requires a disciplined approach, steady hand and leadership skills.  Prime 8 can help you design and manage your initiatives to a successful on-time and on-budget completion.





organizational learning strategy

We enable organizational readiness and sustain that state in an environment of change through the implementation of innovative digital learning strategies.

The modernization of the marketplace is constantly in change, making the ability to adapt and evolve absolutely essential in order to thrive. We provide an innovative and organized approach to help companies and individuals modify their operational methods and strategies to create change, taking their productivity and impact to the next level.


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