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Connect essential data sets across your ecosystem so you can understand, report, and act with confidence.


Data is required in all business decisions. Your company is no different.


85% of companies are trying to be data driven, but only 37% believe they are successful.

* on average. According to recent survey conducted by

* on average. According to recent survey conducted by


Take the guesswork out of the numbers
so you can focus on the business.

Investing in your data is investing in your future.

Whether you’re looking to identify the true impact of your investments, explore complex consumption patterns, or gain better insight into how to influence your customers, we have the ability and experience to deliver the hard numbers in an easy format. Our tools and experience can help you affect organizational change and identify business opportunities.

Validate Financial Models
Know your ROI in action, commission paid to sales improvement, consumption of trial accounts to purchasing of license.
Track your Program Milestones
Always be on top of your program schedule and budget with our Prime 8 Applied Intelligence dashboards, tools and services.
Right Data at the Right Time
With Prime 8’s broad range of business tools and capabilities you can see and report the full story when it's most relevant to your business.
Forecast the Impact
Use trend and projection modeling to forecast the impact of your program on the business to make decisions with confidence.
Visualize the Complex Data
Easily understand even the most complex data with multiple moving parts and diverse data frequency updates.

Deliver and prove your program’s impact.


Global Technology Conference

Case Study

The Prime 8 Business Intelligence (BI) team helps define and measure Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for a large Pacific Northwest technology company’s global conference; delivering dashboards, reports, analyses and insights to help the events team make data-driven decisions that will ultimately improve conference KPIs. Our BI support includes developing dashboards and delivering insights that the event and field teams need to efficiently target and recruit partners to this large scale conference.


“Excellent work summarizing data points in an executive level synopsis. This is of great value to me and a strength that is hard to find with someone who also has as strong of a data mining background as yours.”

— Senior Manager, Partner Channel Marketing

Discover how we can make sense of your data.

Why Prime 8?

With more than 14 years of experience working with industry leading businesses in the Pacific Northwest, Prime 8 combines knowledge of the business with expertise in Business Intelligence tools, technologies, applications, and best practices to deliver organizations with insightful and actionable business information.

Business Intelligence Capabilities
Prime 8 uses a broad range of Business Intelligence capabilities including: Power BI reporting, analytical processing, AI, data mining, complex event processing, benchmarking, predictive analytics, modeling and prescriptive analytics in order to deliver the results to your team.
Data & Insights Management
Prime 8 can help design, assess, grow, display and govern the data that should form your strategy, and enable you to operate your business effectively. Data driven decision-making is as much a cultural shift as it is a technical exercise. We operate at all levels of the organization to help you form strategic data plans, deploy data change management, and deliver eye-popping insights and dashboards.
Prime 8 Brings More Than Just Reporting
Prime 8’s rich understanding of how businesses operate, mixed with our deep experience with BI enables us to identify meaningful business insights, recommendations and commentary to bolster data-driven decisions, that will help identify, develop and create new opportunities.

Speak to a Prime 8 Applied Intelligence Specialist to understand how you can access professional services that will create impact on your program today.

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